Our Studio

Amazing Grace Yoga opened its doors in 2011. Classes are being held inside the upstairs of the Beech Life Center, next to Beech Cumberland Presbyterian, across the street from the Fire Hall in Hendersonville, TN. Class instructions are based upon the instructor's current studies of Iyengar Yoga. Classes are not affiliated with the church on site or any specific religious belief. 


Changing rooms are available at our location. Wear non restrictive, stretch-optional clothing. Best to avoid zippers. Bare feet are essential. No perfumes or heavy jewelry. Please silence electronic devices before class.


It's best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. A lite snack or drink beforehand is usually ok.

Physical needs

Please make sure to inform or remind your instructor of any ongoing issues, injuries, medical problems or physical issues so that the instructor can modify poses for you.


Props are available for student use at no charge however, for personal and hygienic reasons students are recommended to purchase and bring their own sticky mats to class with time.

Be on time

Classes build upon preparatory poses. It is unsafe and disruptive to come in late. If arriving a few minutes late, come in quietly (after the opening part if class has already started). If more than 10 minutes late, students may be directed to take another class. 

Please Note: The instructor typically arrives 10 minutes prior to class time and will put a sign near the side entrance of the Life Center where our yoga space is located. If you arrive prior to the instructor, the side entrance may be locked. The main entrance is open during center hours. If early, you may enter the main entrance and let the center coordinator at the desk know you've arrived for yoga class, then continue upstairs.