Yoga Class Levels

Beginner Level 1: for new beginners (75 minutes)

This class introduces Yoga as classically taught by the Iyengar Yoga Family and teaches the fundamentals of yoga postures and breath. Beginner's yoga is a rigorous, dynamic and rejuvenating practice that incorporates standing postures with some seated yoga postures. Students usually practice at this level 1-2 years.

Level 1-2: for continuing beginners (90 minutes)

This class refines postures from the Level 1 class and introduces a broader palate of seated postures, forward and back extensions and inversions. Students suitable for this class are those who've practiced Iyengar Yoga for a minimum 1-2 months (ideally 6 months at Beginner Level to start) and those well practiced in Level 1 postures.

Gentle Level 1: for beginners (75-90 minutes)

Explores basic postures at a slower pace and uses yoga prop modifications to support students at their capacity. This class is perfect for active seniors and those needing a slower pace, including pregnant women. This class includes some restorative postures. Although this class is suited for those in need of assistance, those with any serious condition needs the approval of their doctor beforehand and may be directed to take private classes.

Restorative Yoga Level 1: for all levels (90 minutes)

Relaxation-focused postures are sustained up to minutes at a time. Some gentle yoga postures are incorporated. Restorative yoga is known to aid in relieving stress and support immune and nervous system functions.

Please note, there is periodic class breaks between yoga sessions. Check our calendar periodically for updates or consider joining our newsletter!

"Be humble and keep the attitude of a beginner until the end of your life." - Amma